Budweiser Horse, 2nd Most-Recalled Super Bowl Ad

So earning the 2nd spot on IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ad is Thunder Hank, with his bud Dalmatian dog. How touchy… Despite their differences—a dog and a horse—they were best friends.

Thunder Hank almost got the job to become one of the main Budweiser horses, unfortunately, his boss changed his mind and his best friend came to the rescue. Thunder went training for a year, and his efforts paved off when he got the job a year after.

The creative team behind this commercial, really got excellent choices for background music to tell the mood of the story—a sad one, for being rejected; then a Rocky’s theme song while the horse was in training; and lastly, a victorious background music to tell Thunder Hank was finally chosen as one of the main Budweiser’s horses.

In the whole ad, you wouldn’t see any Budweiser bottle, you just saw Thunder’s Hank’s boss cap with Budweiser on it. And the Budweiser logo at the end of the ad. Sometimes, you don’t need to show the product especially if it is already known. You just have to reinforce the brand like in this case, they reinforced that Budweiser is ‘The Great American Lager’.

But I wouldn’t say that the horse training to become a capable main Budweiser horse wasn’t related to Budweiser beer itself. They were in fact related. Since a ‘lager beer’ is created by storing it for long time so it will taste better. In case of Thunder Hank, his boss thought it was still not the right time, for him to become more capable as Budweiser’s horse. And his boss was right, Thunder still needed another year to become a great Budweiser horse.

3 Responses to “Budweiser Horse, 2nd Most-Recalled Super Bowl Ad”

  1. Nicole says:

    The horse in training’s name is “Hank.” Thunder was the horse who got chosen first. 😉 What’s the name of that song???

  2. Nicole says:

    He says “Welcome aboard, Hank.” 😀

  3. admin says:

    Oh, lol… this post was over a year now and it was just corrected now. Thanks for that. =)

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