Bud Light Cavemen – 9th Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ad

In IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads, this cavemen version of Bud Light Ad was on the 9th spot. Unlike the Planters Cashews Ad, it wasn’t a classic song that caught the audience’s attention in this Bud Light Ad, but a thrilling background music and the startling idea of mixing in a pre-historic world a modern thing, which were the cavemen pushing a case of Bud Light beer bottles for their party.

And to make it more realistic, the cavemen didn’t speak the modern language, so subtitles were shown. The use of subtitles with a humorous copy was very effective to let the viewers follow through until the end. And it was also clever to let these cavemen speak of wheel, and bottle opener when they did not use them the way we do.

The copy “Endless refreshment from start to finish” was relevant too, followed by the tagline “Bud Light, Keeps it Coming”. At least here, the cavemen knew that Bud Light would give them this endless refreshment and it would be worth it to go through such a sucking situation just to bring the Bud Light case to their party.


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