Bud Light Breathe Fire, 5th Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ad

In IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads, this version of Bud Light commercial is on the 5th spot. “Bud Light is brewed to give you everything you want in a beer: never-ending refreshment, superior drinkability…. and now the ability to breathe fire.”

I remember what my Advertising professor told the class, that in the in first 15 minutes seconds of the commercial, you should had already introduced the product to the viewers, but with this ad, Bud Light beer was already in the first 5 seconds and was presented elegantly. Then viewers would anticipate more of an elegance throughout the ad, but they were surprised to see that it turned out funny. Breathe fire? Wtf? oopss… sorry for that. I just thought how other viewers would react. But isn’t that impressive? You can lit the candle in a candle-light dinner, in a very special way. Too bad though if you got allergy, because your romantic date would end up a disaster.

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  1. Rob says:

    i guess u mean 15 seconds not 15 minutes,
    unless you have stupidly long commercials in the states:P


  1. Top 10 Most Recalled Ads in Super Bowl 2008 - [...] 5. Bud Light enables the drinker to breathe fire [...]

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