Bridgestone Tire’s Squirrel vs. Car Super Bowl 2008 Ad

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh that isn’t a nice opening sentence for this review, but that surely caught the viewers attention on this Bridgestone Tire TV Ad. The element of surprise was there—a squirrel in the middle of the street screams after seeing a fast car approaching towards him. And a raccoon, an owl, a bunny, a mouse, a turtle, a deer, a grasshopper, and other squirrels in the forest all scream with him. Including the wife of the driver of the car. Good enough the squirrel is saved by Bridgestone Tires.

This Ad is a great example for the ‘animal magnetism’ I mentioned in the theme’s page. The use of talking or screaming animals in an ad acknowledge the man’s curiosity if animals converse or have feelings, thus he’ll watch the ad with amusement. However, the creative team has to make sure that product they are advertising would be remembered at the end of the Ad. To be effective it has to have a perfect execution, and a great copy. In this Bridgestone Tire commercial, the creative team did not fail. This commercial is one of the Top 10 Brand Commercials in Super Bowl 2008.

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