Blind Man – Levi’s Jeans Classic Commercial

Good ad! I love it the characterization is all there flowing with the music that doesn’t drown the message if there are any. These are the types of ad that you don’t have to picture in or spill out the features of the product, after all a century of the Levi’s existence doesn’t need any introduction at all. It looks like a rip from a Mafioso film Bonnie and Clyde minus the latter. Although the ad did not described the jeans’ special features, it is all there is swift sublime motion that is ridiculously funny. Because of the Levi’s jeans’ fab features you can hide and get away with what you are trying to hide from but not on a “blind man.” Another subliminal employment of tactics—you noticed Gwen Stefani and BB King look-a-like? Nice recall of characters huh.

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