What happens when you share your biscuit?

I think one of the most overused value in food commercials is the value of sharing, but that is somehow understandable since this are what commercials are made of–to instill in the minds of the viewers that such food is worth sharing to others. There are times though that showing the ideal concept of sharing would not be effective on catching the viewers attention, and may even end up a boring ad. That’s why humor comes in, breaking the rules.

Below are two old commercials that were aired in the Philippines wherein the value of sharing was given a twist.


This commercial is one of my old favorites. After the guy gave the old lady half of his Fita biscuit, the old woman turned out to be a fairy.

Fairy: Because you have a great heart, I am giving you one wish.

Guy: A sportscar! A red one!


Chat translation:

Bing: Let’s meet at the mall!

Pinky: Sure! I’ll be in PINK!

Bing: I’ll bring a BINGO!

At the mall:

Bing: (Upon seeing the fat lady in pink) Oh no! Hey, Bingo?

Nerdy guy: Thanks.

Well, in reality, why would you tell to someone you would meet-up that a Bingo biscuit would be your thing of identification? Why not, I’ll be wearing an orange shirt?

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