Banned Child Friendly Aussie Commercial

Children See…Children Do…

I think that the message above is clearly depicted in this commercial. But, the way the message is characterized and shared to viewers can be disturbing, particularly to a lot of parents and child advocates.

It’s pretty understandable why this commercial had been banned. Even though, you have a good message right there, you have to show positive attitudes or behaviors in TV. More so in tackling about children’s acts and demeanor, you have to be very sensitive.

How adults express and manage their own feelings and actions serves as a model that is easily remembered by children throughout their lifetime. Just watch at the various bad traits, habits and lifestyles that the adults are showing to the children. If children see this, they will instantly think that what they have seen is the right thing to do. Remember that media or television is a powerful tool that can instantly influence a child’s mind and behavior.

2 Responses to “Banned Child Friendly Aussie Commercial”

  1. malinda says:

    Our children see much worse than this on cartoons. I thought this got the message across!

  2. Rosalie says:

    This ad was scary actually and true. Many of those things are behaviours that are learned from parents. The racism, cruelty to animals, violence etc. It’s a timely reminder I think – that little eyes are watching us and little ears are listening.

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