Banned Centraal Beheer Commercial- Adam and Eve

Why was this commercial banned? Was it because of mocking the story of Adam and Eve, Adam being portrayed as a homosexual, or the skimpy outfits?

This Centraal Beheer’s “Adam and Eve” commercial is beautifully done. The graphics and colors are no doubt rich and amazing. I think that the majority of the viewers just found it as a bit offensive because of the gay issue as well as mocking one of the most well-loved bible stories of all time. Many will also argue about Adam and Eve’s skimpy outfits. But let’s be realistic here, it’s Adam and Eve we’re talking about.

It’s a funny and sexy advertisement but not appropriate for the public to see.

2 Responses to “Banned Centraal Beheer Commercial- Adam and Eve”

  1. GS says:

    Would you be fine if you were to be mocked just because you are a guy attracted to girls? or a girl attracted to guys?
    homosexuality is as simple as that. So then how can one expect homosexuals to not take offense when their orientation is being mocked in this way?

  2. Your Mom says:

    How are they even mocking homosexuality? That’s how some gay guys act. And it’s funny because he’s gay AND he’s Adam. Notice it would make no sense if he was just gay and not Adam… it’s not a blow on homosexuality. So, STFU. Simple as that.

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