Bangkok Insurance Commercial

Another attention grabbing ads here. It’s ridiculously funny inherent among Asian kung-fu movies reminiscent of slapstick and you-killed-my-master genre. In a little tweak of camera effects and CGI employment voila! You have the three stooges in Asian version for an ad.

This time though the message is close enough to the product. Insurance and accident is like Mutt & Jeff, Fat & Thin or Bush & Bin Laden Mr. Bean. They are the opposite ends of the pole but both important in maintaining the balance.

What I’m trying to say is this ad is balance in terms of conveying the message but lacks luster to be archived as classic, I was hoping there is something much bigger than the tornado to happen, but the use of actual footage in a homemade video is ingenious. I must say that this is a craftsman’s work not necessarily of an artist.

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