American Idol’s Jasmine Trias in Love Ko ‘To Commercial

This commercial surely brings Filipinos into last song syndrome mode. Once you see the Ad you’ll definitely find yourself singing paparapapa love ko to. (Love Ko ‘To is the Filipino translation of I’m Lovin It tagline of McDonalds.)

The Ad was created after Jasmine Trias became an American Idol final, making her so popular in the Philippines. That’s why the lyrics of the song talks about her, being finally home.

I think when this Advert was released, Mcdonald’s also offered this Jasmine Trias CD to customers who bought a large fries and a Mcfloat. I love the song. Seeing the video the first time, you wouldn’t think it was Mcdonald’s but of course once you see the classic M, there’s no doubt that it’s a certified Mcdonald’s ad.

Click here to see the full lyrics of the Love Ko ‘To song.

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