“Walking Fridge”- 2009 Heineken Commercial

If you ask me, “What do men like to do during their free time? “ It would be watching their favorite game while drinking beer. Forget about expensive shoes, clothes, bags, or perfume…Having their favorite beer around is enough for men to be happy.

In this commercial, there seems to be some sort of a misunderstanding. The owner wanted a “walk-in fridge” to store a lot of beers for his friends. But, the handyman or carpenter thought that what the owner would like to have is a “walking fridge”, so he installed a robot fridge which can actually walk.

At first the owner was a bit disappointed with the walking fridge, but when he and his friend saw the beers stacked inside of the fridge, they shouted with glee.

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  1. fridge says:

    great ad! :DD

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